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Rob Lancaster

Rob has been cooking for a little over 17 years and he's loved ever single minute of it. He's catered over 1200 events, gaining the skills that he needed to provide amazing food in a fast-paced, demanding environment. He has extensive experience cooking food for great amounts of people, including cooking and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for over 300 guests. He discovered his love for management when offered a restaurant manager position, and hasn't looked back. His experience running a restaurant and almost 2 decades of culinary arts has earned him several accolades for outstanding food. He has showcased his skills at an even higher level, by becoming highly experienced in cooking vegan food as well. Rob is excited to be a part of the Tampa food truck, Heavy's, and looks forward to bringing his skills and exemplary customer service to the local Tampa area.

Kendrick Scott

There isn't much that Kendrick can't do. With over 14 years of cooking experience under his belt, he has shown much in the kitchen, as well as proving to many that he's one of the most creative chefs around. Running a successful catering service in Tampa FL is just one of the many goals he has set for himself, since he has been a part of catering for 600 events and special occasions. He has also been involved in cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for over 300 customers, so working fast and putting out perfect food is something he can boast doing in his sleep. With management experience, he is well-trained in handling virtually any situation, as well as providing the service and friendly demeanor that it takes to successfully run a kitchen. Pour in a healthy dose of passion for cooking, as well as some accolades and awards for outstanding food, and you have a recipe for one outstanding food truck in Tampa Florida. Together, there really isn't anything Rob and Kendrick can't do when it comes to cooking up amazing food with top-notch customer service. In Tampa Florida, comfort food isn't found just anywhere, and these two stellar entrepreneurs aim to change that. Using state-of-the-art equipment and cruising around the city in their red, white and blue food truck, they're ready to drive on into your neck of the woods to deliver a good time along with some out-of-this-world southern cuisine. They aren't called the best soul food in Tampa for nothing.

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